Tarik’s Postcard from Turkey March 2010

heyyy everyybodyy,

i’m sittin right now at hip-notics cable park antalya, turkeyy, enjoying the sun till thursday! Here are some really good vibrations, it’s the best area to ride and hang out. i think all the operator at the cable hate me a bit, because i nerve them with riding the whole day and i’m always the last one, who rides and doesn’t wanna stop and ride till it’s dark! but we are all still good buddies and push each other with sentences like: "ab geht er, der peter!". outsider would think, the operator and me are heavily retarded!

I took the TKL team board with me and i just can say: "FUCKIN‘ EPIC!". It is a perfect alternative for my sexy girlfriend i didn’t take with me. It has such a beautiful shape und it rides me everyday so hard! this board offers even guys the chance to have multiple orgasm! looking forward to see you at the lake dudes, stay stoked and test the new TKL boards, otherwise you would miss the chance to meet your big love!

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best wishes xxx Tarik